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Virtual Edge Collaborative

Virtual Edge Collaborative (The Ad Agency Alternative) helps market small to mid- sized businesses for a fraction of what advertising agencies or quality graphic design and Web design companies charge--without sacrificing quality--on a project by-project, flat fee basis. Our industry-changing virtual business model allows us to offer provide big advertising agency talent without the big agency price tag. You only pay for the people and services you need when you actually need them. No retainers. No agency of record agreements. No egos. No smoke and mirrors. No dog and pony shows. Our a la carte services include: Print, Web interactive, broadcast, and identity for companies and organizations all over the country. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate.

Location:   Wexford , PA 15090
Phone:   724-766-1040


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This is the best directory on the internet to find the best advertising agencies or the best web site developers or the best graphic designers. Whether you’re from Phoenix, Denver, LA, Sacramento, Dallas, Seattle, Missoula, Des Moines, San Francisco, San Diego, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Chicago, New York, Boston, St Louis, Charlotte, Detroit, Lansing, Cincinnati, Albuquerque, Tucson, Portland, Nashville or anywhere else in the United States or Europe or Canada you can find what you’re looking for here. Ad agencies and logo designers, copywriters and web designers all post their information here. If you’re searching to find logo designers, website developers, copywriters, web design agencies or search engine optimization (SEO) companies or freelancers, is definitely the place to come.

About Advertising Agencies:
Ad agencies can help you with designing your logo, designing your print advertisements, writing your radio commercials, producing your television spots, and deciding where to place your ads, called media buying. Some agencies specialize in certain kinds of clients, such as auto dealerships or hotels and other ad agencies will provide services to a broad range of businesses. Some agencies have limited capabilities and specialize in providing only certain kinds of services such as graphic design for print ads and perhaps media buying. These agencies might “farm-out” or sub-contract the rest of your needs to other ad agencies, freelancers, web site designers or public relations (PR) specialists. Other ad agencies consider themselves “full-service” agencies and have the capabilities to fill all of your advertising, marketing, web site design, search engine optimization, graphic design, copywriting, video, television and radio production all under one roof. The best advertising agencies are those best suited to your needs and budget.

About Web Site Developers (different from web site designers):
Web site developers are usually very strong in “coding” your web site. They are very analytical and know many coding languages such as php, html, javascript, flash, etc.