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Giant Graphics LLC

We are a large formatting graphics company based out of Largo Florida. We cater to the advertising market by providing exceptional quality and pricing. We have one of the most extensive product lines in the industry. We print at no less then 360DPI which produces stunning graphics and we use only the best materials. Here are some of our products and pricing: Premium Banners on 13 oz vinyl (includes lamination) $2.00 per sq. ft. Billboards $.80 per sq. ft. Canvas Wallpaper (any image your client wants): $4.75 per sq. ft. Vehicle Wraps using 3m180c and Laminated: $4.75 per sq. ft. We also print on Black Acrilyc which Allows us to use WHITE INK! Our Printers are 16.6 Feet wide and we provide seamless welding! This allows us to wrap Buildings no matter How many stories Tall! In addition we offer graphics for Tiles either printed directly or wrapped, full color Canopies, Carpeting with any graphics your client wants, Wall Murals can go over any service no matter how rough and looks like an AIrbrush Work of Art!!, Window Perfs and Static Cling for window dressings, graphics on Imitation Bricks looks and feels like the real thing, Floor Graphics anti skid finish. You name it we have it. I would like the opportunity to Speak with you and discuss services and pricing. We can wrap anything even palm trees if you can imagine it we can image it!

Location:   englewood , FL 34224
Phone:   772-240-6762


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